Tuesday 28 October 2008

Icelandic banks

Graham Allen MP thought it would be helpful for Nottingham City Council Leader Jon Collins and his deputy, Graham Chapman, to talk in person to an inquiry investigating the Icelandic banks situation.

I’m not sure the pair would thank Mr Allen, who is MP for Nottingham North.

When Lobbydog contacted the council to see if the leader and his right-hand man would be up for it, there was a predictable lack of response.

The council said it would submit written evidence to the inquiry on how it came to have £42m in the banks when they went under, but no mention was made of a visit to London in person.

If the inquiry committee is interested enough they may ask the council to come to Westminster next year and give oral evidence.

Until then I’d be interested to know whether you think the inquiry should be holding the council to account for its part in the predicament. Vote in the new Lobbydog poll.

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