Monday 17 November 2008


Lobbydog returns to Westminster today to find consternation among East Midlands politicians that tanned independent MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk is taking part in a TV reality show.

Silk's participation in I'm a Celebrity... is the latest publicity grabbing stunt from the former TV presenter.

Having many years of media experience he has never been shy of taking PR opportunities.

A couple of years ago Lobbydog was invited to watch the East Midlands MEP march on to a Notts cricket pitch to confront travellers who had taken up residence there.

Dressed in a bespoke suit for the flashing cameras he banged on the door of a caravan to be confronted by an elderly lady.

He began trying to tell her off until she started massaging his ego and said she was a huge fan of his TV talk show - at which point he began smiling and lapping up the attention.

At that point the stunt was aimed at raising his profile before an election. The question now is for what purpose he wants this PR?

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