Tuesday 30 December 2008

Clarke, cure or poison?

If people say something for long enough it starts to become accepted truth – for example that bringing back Ken Clarke is a good thing for the Tories.

Rumours of a return have been rife for some time, but over the last fortnight there have also been shed loads of column inches on a possible position for the Rushcliffe MP in a New Year Conservative reshuffle.

A survey from ConservativeHome has now shown support for the move among grass roots Tories.

The problem is that calls for the return are beginning to take on a life of their own.

Now that debate seems to have turned in favour of Clarke, there has been less and less mention of the division that may follow in his wake.

People should note that the poll showed a far higher margin of support for a return for David Davis, 72% for and 22% against, than for Clarke, 50% for and 41% against.

For many in the party Clarke is simply unacceptable because of his views on Europe.

He is plainly at odds with Cameron’s current thinking on the EU and is not the sort of man to change his tune.

That would prove a headache for Cameron and would force the European issue back onto the agenda – so would he be a saviour for the Tories or a gift for Labour?


Soapsoane said...

mmm interesting!

Mr Clarke is great for West Bridgford and the People's Republic of Rushcliffe (there it really is one person, one vote), but for the country... and the world?

Not sure about that one.

He's not really our Barack Obama, as Mr and Mrs Hood et al at Bent Society would testify.

But, who knows? Mrs Clarke could save the poor in Africa (and West Bridgford, from the menace of reciprocal cross class relations); and Mr Clarke could set the tone for his PM ship with a diplomatic gift of some New Orleans Jazz to the technological wizards in Amsterdam who've saved Holland from 'their fludde' with a brilliant dam system.

Perhaps their techno magic could transform New Orleans real estate into an insurable propostition!

What an amazing start to a premiership that would be and what a positive signal to the pirates!

.....Yes we can (even) in our self preservation society.....http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cy3BdoWaYxY

Ta Quincey!

Soapsoane said...

The link to Quincy Jones song Self Preservation Society is:


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