Thursday 9 July 2009

The particular variety of Lib Dem Bull****

Every now and then we get a wonderful snapshot of just how dignified politicians are not.

A leaked e-mail has emerged from a defeated Lib Dem councillor who lost her seat in recent elections, and is also a parliamentary candidate.

Sally Morgan writes in response to being contacted by “apparatchiks” to ask for a bigger donation to the party. Read it all the way, it’s priceless.

Dear Cowley St and Campaigns Dept.
Please do not employ apparatchiks to telephone me at home to tell me how well the Party did in the local elections only days after I and many of my colleagues lost our seats.
I do not appreciate being told how the public decided to teach Gordon brown a lesson nor that a General Election is around the corner and we have never been in a better position.
I no longer subscribe to that particular variety of bull****.
I was particularly taken aback to be asked if I would make a substantial donation and increase my standing order. Is that not the equivalent of frisking a mugging victim for any more pickings?
The party has benefited from several thousand pounds of my money as well as my blood, sweat and tears and yet the Party chooses to spend such money on employing ‘organisers’ whose sole purpose it seems is to forward centrally-generated emails that I have already received.
I would happily save the Party thousands of pounds a year by offering the services of my 11-year-old daughter who would be more than capable of performing such tasks for the price of a tenner and a few bags of Haribo cola bottles.
They obviously do little else as I have not seen sight nor sound of such organisers for many, many months despite being a Parliamentary Candidate.
Perhaps the Party thinks PPCs who are councillors and mothers have not time for such fripperies. The lack of support would lead me to believe so.
For that reason I’ve cancelled my, already generous, standing order and when my membership expires in October the Party can sing for it.
Yours, with b***** all left to lose.

Hat tip Matt Chorley and the WMN


rob's uncle said...

It is a well recognised weakness of the Lib Dem phone fund raising effort that the phoners know nothing about the activism, etc,. of those whom they ring.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

Wonderful stuff! I'm not surprised that the Lib Dems are struggling to make headway if this is the way they treat their activists.

RantinRab said...

I'm pretty sure one of them phoned me yesterday trying to sell me a new mobile phone contract.
Or it may have been from the same call centre.

Mr Eugenides said...

Joyful stuff.

Martin S said...

The problem is that the crass and useless party who can't organise a campaign of emailing and phoning think they can run the government. I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

Not fit to be a candidate if this is her unconstructive response to something she is unhappy with.

Anonymous said...

Actually, refreshing for a politician to be honest and human. Why shouldn't she express her opinion to her own party? The person who leaked it is the problem.

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