Tuesday 4 August 2009

Totnes primary

The Tories announce who will replace Anthony Steen as their candidate for Totnes today, having held an open primary in the Devon constituency.

Steen was the MP – now stepping down – who spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash doing up his country mansion, before accusing people of being jealous when confronted about it.

The idea of an open primary – where everyone can vote regardless of party membership – appeals to Lobbydog’s democratic soul.

Plus it’s a good move from a local party which needed to do something to divert attention away from the PR monster that Steen had become.

But the idea may fall dead if no-one has bothered to vote. It’s hard enough to get people to vote for their own parties in a general election, let alone someone else’s during a primary.

Eric Pickles says a turnout of 15% – about 10,000 people – would be considered a success. The result should come out at around half past midday.

UPDATE 1.25pm: There were 16,497 votes cast, a turnout of 24.6%. Quite a stunning figure.


Oldrightie said...

Crick reckons it's over 10%. The expenses row has energised people and woken them up. Not all bad news.

Oldrightie said...

Reports now saying 25% turnout!

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