Friday 18 September 2009

Spanish delivery

Mrs Lobbydog was unhappy today after her birthday present failed to arrive again – meanwhile my excuses are starting to sound laboured.

The problem was part with the company I ordered it from weeks ago, but it has been exacerbated by strikes at Royal Mail.

So a little bit of foam appeared at the corner of my mouth when I read in The Telegraph today about “Spanish” practices postal workers use to slack off.

They include “cutting off”, finishing a round early and then refusing to work anymore or “job and finish” – finishing a round and then going home.

The one that really took the biscuit was: “One worker boasted of how he wasted time by filling in 739 forms – which tell anyone who is not at home that they have a parcel to collect – while still at the sorting office, rather than on the doorstep once he had checked whether the recipient was at home.”

Can you imagine doing something like that at a private firm?


Andy said...

"Can you imagine doing something like that at a private firm?"

I read somewhere that there was a bit of sharp practice going on in one or two of the banks last year, not sure if the media picked up on it much...

subrosa said...

Yes I can but I can also imagine feeling peeved my present hasn't arrived.

Think a small token of affection is required in the meantime LD, flowers aren't too expensive at this time of year and if she reads, a £20 book token will buy a reasonable read.

No charge for the advice!

Lobbydog said...

@ Subrosa: One step ahead, flowers already bought. Thanks though.

@Allnott: Point accepted. Oddly, the bankers' "practice" came from a twisted desire to drive forward at anybody's expense, the postal workers' "practice" comes from a desire to sit back.

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