Monday, 12 October 2009

At least he turned up...

Geoff Hoon showed amazing resourcefulness at the memorial service for the Iraq War.

According to a witness quoted in the Daily Mail he used his Order of Service to shield the fact that he was fiddling with his mobile phone.

The witness said: “At around 11.15am, 15 minutes into the service when the choir was singing a Requiem Mass, I caught sight of him checking his messages on a mobile.

“He was hiding it behind the Order of Service so no one could see and then tucked it away into his breast pocket.”


subrosa said...

The height of ignorance.

Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

The man is a complete Hoon, with no shame.
A odious example of people of little talent (and even fewer morals) who have done so well financially out of the last few socialist governments.

Richard T said...

I think no more of him for it. The trouble is that without descending to crude and obscene abuse, aerosol (just pronounce it) isn't strong enough to convey the disgust that I, and I suspect most folk, feel for this time serving piece of excrement.

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