Monday 7 December 2009

Winds of change? More like hot air.

A wind-swept Peter Luff appears, gazing into the distance, on the front of the latest issue of House Magazine today.

He has popped up a lot more recently as he, and others in the party, try to indicate to Cameron that they should not be forgotten if the Tories win power.

He has always come across pompous if you ask me – on his website he points out how important his own role is with the Business Select Committee.

He says in today’s interview: “The Mail's Quentin Letts comes along to watch me having a row with Peter Mandelson.”

It might be that. Or it might be that he comes to watch Peter Mandelson eating you for breakfast.


Jive5 said...

Nothing good comes from a man with a haircut like that.

Danish Pastry (Mrs) said...

Hello Lobbydog

Subrosa's blog is back up and running, in defiance of the cowardly trolls


Anonymous said...

It's not as if Cameron is gonna make him a secretary of state. Does he really want to be some other nobody's second fiddle.

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