Thursday 18 March 2010

Dianne Abbott snores like a monster

I mean, I’ve heard she snores like a monster. I’ve no first hand experience of course.

That delight was reserved for MPs who, with Abbott, travelled to Afghanistan last year.

While the Ministry of Defence plane was delayed the MPs had to sit around in a waiting room for a long while where the member for Hackney dozed off in her chair.

The joke goes that some MPs, hearing the jet engines of their plane start up, thought they were finally going to leave only to realise it was Abbott roaring away in the corner.

Now that we know Defence spending has been cut, perhaps we can employ her in the warzone somehow - sit her behind a rock, let the Zs flow and the Taliban will think the bombers are coming.


Anonymous said...

Or, just drop her as a bunker busting bomb. That should obliterate quite a lot of Taliban.

Anonymous said...

These sorts of posts and comments are beneath contempt. What have they to do with her ability to be a person, an MP or anything else for that matter?
If it affected her ability to do her job or brought it into disrepute there wigh be a point in telling the world about it. As it is she is not able to control such things.
Poor show.

Lobbydog said...

If you cannot have a sense of humour while considering politics, then you take yourself too seriously.
Diane Abbott has a sense of humour. Do you think she was thinking about Keith Vaz's "ability to do the job" when she sat behind him in the Commons making slurping noises because he was giving a toadying speech?
Go and watch it on Youtube, it’s a well known clip. If it makes you laugh, then lighten up a bit and come back and read this post.

Anonymous said...

Anon - Jeeez, get a sense of humour gloomy chops.

Anonymous said...

I can tell the difference between sense of humour and a demeaning comment. I enjoy a good laugh and encourage good political satire. This does not fall into these categories - it is simply demeaning.

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