Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Hunt is on...

The battle for the Labour candidacy in Stoke Central will be kicking off pretty soon.

It looks like the shortlist has been set up to give the seat to Mandelson’s choice Tristram Hunt – the TV historian.

The other two candidates are Saj Malik, a councillor from Oxford, and Joe Ukemenam – a guy that works for the UN.

Hunt (pictured looking mysterious)will walk it I imagine, but it looks like Ukemenam isn’t afraid of pointing out the reason why.

In his address to the party faithful he states:

I have no special friends amongst the top, rich and powerful in our party…

Not a coincidental statement methinks.


Catosays said...

Is the fragrant looking Tristam a very special friend of Mandy's?

Anonymous said...

Another example of the Labour Party self destructing. Pity the Ashfield constituency accepted the central diktat so meekly. I wonder if Brown and Balls can be compared to Asquith and Lloyd George? If it were not so harming to the perception of democracy then it would be funny. With the Tories and their moats and floating bird houses; Labour with its fixed lists; and the LibDems and their suspect campaigning tactics there is little or no opportunity for democracy to find expression.

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