Thursday 29 April 2010

Off to Istanbul we go...

WATCH out! The Turks are coming. All 70million of them – all at once.

At least that’s what the BNP guy who was at the Ashfield hustings last night reckoned – and he must be right because he said he based his political views on “biblical morality”.

It’ll be terrible – we’ll all have to stand side by side and eat baklava off each other’s shoulders because there won’t be enough room to use our hands.

I guess the smart ones among us will just go on holiday to Turkey because there’ll be a whole free country just sitting there waiting for someone to emigrate to.

The thing is, while Edward Holmes said his views were based on biblical morality, some bits seemed to have gotten lost along the way.

That “turn the other cheek” stuff was no where to be seen. He advocated corporal punishment and “death by hanging”.

When one man challenged him cheekily shouting ‘what would Jesus do?’ he gave a perfectly rational answer about the ground opening up and pillars of fire shooting out.

With immigration such a significant issue these days – even more so after bigotgate – the BNP will no doubt think this is their “moment”.

There is a big problem with immigration that needs sorting. There are even bigger problems with deprivation in places like Ashfield that also need sorting – and would bring far more benefit if they were sorted first.

The BNP and Holmes like to paint themselves as the anti-establishment, anti-political party. But they are not. Holmes himself is the former Labour chair of Ashfield District Council.

Last night he was playing up to a friendly right-ish crowd in a way that is typical of scaremongering practiced for bare political gain by the BNP.

(More on Labour at the hustings coming soon...)


Andy said...

Sorry, but it doesn't actually help when the media constantly states as fact things like "There is a big problem with immigration that needs sorting" without any evidence.

Lobbydog said...

To put the evidence in here would exceed the space for a readable blog post.

Andy said...

That's a cop out.

The UK would have collapsed long ago without immigration. Yes it causes issues that need managing but so does having a national health service (high public expenditure, infrastructure, finding staff etc) but we deal with it.

I've never seen a 'debate' on immigration that doesn't assume the starting point that the UK is too crowded, there is too much immigration and that immigration is somehow generally desirable and therefore needs to be limited.

I obviously missed the meeting where it was decided exactly how many people there should be in the UK and the rest is pretty debatable too.

The problems stem less from immigration than ignorance and racism and the 'debate' starting from a false premise.

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