Thursday 13 May 2010

Vaz and Soulsby back Miliband

David Miliband's leadership campaign has gained the support of Keith Vaz and his Leicester Labour MP colleague Sir Peter Soulsby.

Vaz told LD: "David Miliband is the best candidate and will be a terrific leader."

While Sir Peter said: "Now that things are becoming clear and the dust is beginning to settle, I’m convinced that David Miliband is the best person to take the party forward.

"He has very widespread support from all shades of opinion within the parliamentary party and I also think he’s got the right ability to communicate effectively."

I'll be letting you know which MPs support who as they tell me. No doubt many will wait and see who is looking like a winner. In the mean time here is Miliband's candidacy speech again...

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Anonymous said...

Not sure that I'd be swayed by anything Vaz has to say. I've never heard of Peter Soulsby, so I reserve judgement on that

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