Friday 7 May 2010

What will Clegg do?

Clegg was not a happy bunny this morning.

It looks like the Lib Dems may well end up with fewer seats than when they started – they just didn’t get the votes.

But Clegg may still end up as a winner.

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with Nottingham Trent University politics expert Dr Matthew Ashton.

He explained: “The Lib Dems don't have to win this election to get what they want – they only need a hung Parliament and then they can sell their electoral support in a bid to change the voting system.”

The question is, will Clegg be able to stomach going through with a Lib/Lab deal when neither party seems to have a “moral right”?

Or will the reality of politics show him up to be a pragmatist – who will do what it takes to get what he wants – rather than the idealist he would have had us believe he was.

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