Monday 24 May 2010

Where the axe might fall on councils...

The Chancellor announced £1.165billion worth of cuts to local government funding today, but none of that will come from the main formula grant they get.

Here is a list of other grants councils get that may now face the chop.

Those marked with an 'R' against them are ring-fenced. But as we found out this morning the Government will “de-ring fence” grants worth some £1.7billion nationally.

So it is from some of the R-marked schemes that cuts may well be made (though not from Sure Start, schools or 16 to 19 education cash).

Education and Children's Services

R Dedicated Schools Grant
R Ethnic Minority Achievement
R School Lunch Grant
R Targeted Support for Primary & Secondary Strategy
R Music Grant
R Playing For Success
R City Challenge
R School Development Grant (schools element)
R Making Good Progress
R School Standards (including personalisation)
R Youth Opportunity Fund
R Sure Start, Early Years and Childcare
R Contact Point
R Aiming High for Disabled Children
R Early Years: Increasing Flexibility of Entitlement for 3-4 Year Olds
R Extended Schools – Sustainability
R Extended Schools – Subsidy
R Extended Schools - Academic Focused Study Support
R Targeted Mental Health in Schools Grant
R Parenting Practitioner Support

Adult's PSS

R AIDS Support
R Social Care Reform
R Learning Disability Campus Closure Programme


Police Grant
R Neighbourhood Policing Fund & CSOs
R Basic Command Units*4
R Crime Fighting Fund
R Initial Police Learning & Development Programme*5
R Counter Terrorism
Rule 2 Grants


Housing and Council Tax Benefit Subsidy Admin Grant
Concessionary Fares
R Bus Challenge and Kickstart
R Urban congestion
Housing and Planning Delivery Grant*3
Housing Market Renewal Fund
R Animal Health and Welfare Enforcement
R Waste Management Pilots


Cross Service GrantsWorking Neighbourhoods Fund Reward Grant
Growth Areas, Points and Eco Towns
LAA Reward Grant

Other General Grants
Area Based Grant
GLA General Grant


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They're taking the PSS!?

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