Thursday 10 June 2010

Crazy to own a gun?

Chris Williamson caused a stir in certain quarters last week after asking whether there shouldn’t be a total ban on all private gun ownership.

Not yet content, Labour’s Derby North MP has now written to the Home Secretary suggesting several measures he thinks should be included in reviewed firearms legislation.

These include:

• Mental health examinations for anyone wanting any gun licence.
• A requirement that when any person applies for a gun licence their GP be notified.
• A public register of all gun owners so that “the community” can notify the authorities if an individual starts “displaying signs of unsuitability”.
• Compulsory training and examinations for gun licence applicants.

Coincidentally, if the first measure was ever implemented it would mean certain licence holding members of the Tory benches would have to undergo mental health checks.

I’ve no doubt that the irritation this will cause the gun-lobby on the opposite benches has not escaped Williamson. But if it’s not enough he adds at the end of his letter…

“I therefore trust you [the Home Secretary] will not be cowed by those who have a vested interest and are attempting to close off any debate about strengthening firearms legislation.”

I await the return fire.


The Lincolnshire Poacher said...

What a class one pillock!

lenko said...

"What a class one pillock???" Discuss. Give your reasons. Show your workings. Are you a gun licence holder?

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