Friday 16 July 2010

Ipsa inquiry

Ipsa has confirmed to Lobbydog that it has launched an investigation into how a letter of complaint from a senior Tory made it into the hands of a journalist.

The letter was from Solicitor General Edward Garnier and was sent to Ipsa to complain about the way they had not given any notice before slashing the amount he could claim to rent his second home.

But after it arrived at Ipsa it apparently found its way into the hands of Mail on Sunday journalists - who wrote this story.

With Cameron's attack on Ipsa at PMQs this week MPs will have more and more confidence in taking the body on.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that Cameron is counting on the fact that Brits are pretty easy going...well lazy really, and soon all this will be forgotten and these people can go back to living the life of reilly at our expense.

Why would someone need to rent a manor house for his constituency work?

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