Monday, 27 September 2010

Rule changing...

There seems to be a little bit of ire among some Labour members about the results of the elections for Labour’s Governing body – the National Executive Committee (NEC).

Constituency party members vote to choose six people to sit on the committee – as representatives of rank and file Labour people.

Out of 127,331 party members balloted, a total of 88,235, around 69%, wanted London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone on the NEC, with failed mayoral candidate Oona King also gaining a place.

Two of the other candidates chosen, Luke Akehurst and Ellie Reeves, are also based in the capital.

Another of the winners, Christine Shawcroft, has a strong London connection, though she is officially secretary of Nottingham South Constituency Labour Party. Ann Black, from Oxford, was the other winner.

The contention made by several very active Labour members I’ve spoken too is that the selection is far too London-centric.

There has even been talk of a bid by members to change the party rules to ensure that there is a stronger regional presence on the NEC.