Monday 18 October 2010

The devil will be where it always is

There was a distinct vagueness when the PM’s spokesman was this morning discussing how much detail there would be in this Wednesday’s spending review announcement.

There will be a major document with chapters on each department, laying out how much money overall they will have to spend over the next four years.

Then there will be a press release from each department discussing what the impact of that budget might be on the department’s biggest programmes.

For further details on them and other spending programmes it sounds like we’re going to have to harangue departmental press offices – which is generally time consuming.

Given the cuts are so broad I bet that once the initial headline budget figures for each department has been announced, there is going to be a wealth of detail that slips out over the next couple of weeks.


Oldrightie said...

It is the same dreadful civil service running the show as was for Labour's 13 years of misrule. This time we have marginally brighter front people.

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archivistemit said...

The terrible bureaucracy in charge is the same one that mismanaged the country for 13 years under Labour. We have slightly more mario games intelligent leaders this time.

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