Thursday 2 December 2010

Right wing buffers

Lobbydog hears that a group of the new Tory intake have been selected as right-wing ‘buffers’.

They’ve been sanctioned by the Tory leadership to discuss certain issues in the media which have been deemed too politically sensitive for the leadership to talk openly about.

Their purpose is to make sure right-wing party members and associations see that their issues are not being ignored in Westminster.

But obviously it also offers the opportunity for the leadership to co-opt a potentially troublesome element of the parliamentary party.

Cameron will have been well aware that MPs on the Government benches are more rebellious than any group of MPs have been in decades.

Of course, by grouping these people together you give them a collective identity which may turn out to be dangerous if they choose to speak with a single voice against the leadership.


Right Right Wing (Mrs) said...

I have waited for the real Conservative Party to stand up to Chameleon Dave.

Too late - they have systematically annoyed the rural Tory vote in Englnad since taking power with the Coalition.

This mere fig leaf, this deflection away from core Conservative issues will not wash.

Let Cahmeleon Dave stew with his Lib Dem failures - all Conservative voters should seriously consider joining UKIP - it is the only way to save mainstream Conservative values in British politics.

Anonymous said...

And, as usual, by "core conservative issues" you actually mean YOUR issues. Grow up!

The Tory party is and always has been a broad church, the fact that you're politically simple and too narrow minded to see that will not change a party who's core values happily encompass yours, someone who's not even prepared to compromise their narrow and shallow views for the bigger picture

Libertarian said...

Dear Anon

Get a grip. Conservative values were always about freedom, democracy, business and the markets.

Not any more, its mild Keynesian/socialist pork barrel, big society nonsense.

Broad church guff wont wash with large numbers of the electorate any more

Anonymous said...

Lets move towards a more authoritarian approach. Those students should have been shot at with live rounds not placed in some poncey police creche.

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