Thursday 9 December 2010

Tory pledges to pay penance for tuition fees vote

Tory Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy told Lobbydog that after voting for the tuition fees rise tonight, he would ‘repay’ money for his degree, which he received from Cambridge University decades ago.

He told me: “I got my degree for nothing, but because I voted in favour of this rise I’m going to pay for it now.

“My degree was from King’s College Cambridge and when they bring out their fee structure I’ll work out what my degree would cost now.”

With his current wage and under the regulations set out in the new fees system, Mr Lefroy believes he will be paying back around £330 a month, though for how long depends on the overall cost of the degree.

He added: “I will pay the money to my local university in Staffordshire because I think that Cambridge probably has enough as it is.

“I thought long and hard about it and believe it’s the right thing to do if you were prepared to vote for this measure and you were given a free education, which I was – and I would urge other people to give to their universities too.

“In America one in ten people give to their universities, but in Britain the figure is only one in one hundred.”


Anonymous said...

probably claim it back on expenses I hope he remembers to pay back interest at 3% above inflation

Anonymous said...

Nice gesture, but who pays his wages?


Anonymous said...

Seems like a rather pointless gesture, no doubt encouraged by the party leadership. Had he actually voted against the fees then they would have made sure his career was over: http://hightory.com/2010/12/13/tory-free-thinkers/

Anonymous said...

yes who pays for his wages/

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