Friday 21 January 2011

Telegraph changes tune...

Just as I was getting bored with Westminster politics – what with it being a while now since the hung Parliament, first coalition in decades, Miliband brothers’ psychodrama, biggest ever cuts thing – Alan Johnson livens things up.

Everyone will have noticed the various lines around in the papers this morning, the difference in what is alleged in the Mail and what was alleged in the Telegraph, along the lines of the Guido bit from last night, is stark.

The thing is, the Mail story seems to be stood up by the fact that Scotland Yard has launched disciplinary proceedings against Paul Rice, Johnson’s bodyguard when he was Home Secretary.

And yet the Telegraph’s print piece doesn’t seem to name any other sources for its story except Guido. It does say Labour insiders told the paper Johnson’s marriage was on the rocks, but that does not stand up the overall line.

Now we see on the Telegraph website that they have changed their story to one more along the lines of the Mail’s piece.

Interesting to see if the Telegraph is challenged over its original print story and is forced to rely on Guido to come to the rescue with its sources – dead tree and digital stand together.

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Anonymous said...

It's all purile tittle tattle anyway. Jordon will be annoyed that it has put her off the front page of the red-top comics.

Who cares about mr Johnson's marriage, apart from him and his wife?

The important thing is that Gideon must be quaking in his expensive shoes.

He's about to face someone who actually does know about economics. George had the easiest ride possible against Johnson, whose lack of knowledge made Gideon look as if he had a handle on his brief.

Just wait for some of the questions that Balls will ask. Gideon won't even know the meaning of the words, never mind the answers.

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