Wednesday 4 May 2011

NO2AV take on Huhne

Lobbydog hears the NO2AV campaign plan to do tomorrow what Ed Miliband should have done today – attack Chris Huhne over his cabinet meeting outburst.

Miliband seemed to completely forget about the whole issue at PMQs giving it only a passing mention, when it should have been his most powerful attack line of the day.

The whole situation is a complete gift which could have made Clegg look very silly in the Commons on the eve an election – another one of Ed’s missed opportunities.

Anyway, the NO2AV campaign will send an open letter to Huhne dismissing his claims that they have specifically targeted Nick Clegg and run a dirty campaign against him.

I doubt they’ll go quite as far as accusing Huhne of using the issue to position himself as a potential Liberal Democrat leader, someone should though.

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