Friday 4 November 2011

This week's column

My Notts column from this week, click to go to full article...

DAVID Cameron once called Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls the most annoying man in British politics. It was a brutal description, but perfectly true.

I imagine it is even a badge Balls is quite proud of, in the same way a trouble-making youth has no qualms telling peers about his asbo.

Indeed, in the scoff-fest of the Commons floor it helps to be highly annoying, it distracts your opponents and knocks them off guard and Balls is a master.


Anonymous said...

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jamesvvegita said...

In the lively arena of British politics, Ed Balls' knack for being the most annoying figure, as noted by David Cameron, serves him well. His ability to distract and unsettle opponents on the Commons floor is truly masterful. Much like a mischievous youth boasting about an asbo, Balls likely wears the title with pride. His disruptive presence becomes a strategic advantage in the political battleground.
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