Thursday, 15 January 2009

I'm getting bored of writing about Clarke rumours

While the party leaders argued about Ken Clarke in the Commons yesterday the big beast himself was noticeably absent.

In fact he hasn't been around Westminster at all since before Christmas.

Being the forward outspoken sort, could it be the Notts MP has been advised to keep a low profile while reshuffle fever consumes hacks?

Either way Cameron needs to get on and do it if he is going to.

All the speculation can't be encouraging his current shadow cabinet much.

Also, by letting rumours fly the leader risks cornering himself.

If he decides not to go ahead with Clarke it'll look like he backed down to complaints from the right.


Andy said...

I presume there's also the less considered question of whether Clarke would actually bother. He's not as young as he used to be and has a gazillion directorships and the like to keep him warm at night so the appeal of rejoining shadowcab will probably have waned somewhat.

Perhaps the delay is caused by lengthy negotiations?

Lobbydog said...

It's possible, though I get the feeling when I speak to him that he'd relish a come back. Even if it is just to stick it up to those on the right of the party. What might be a clear signal of his intent is that he has actually given up his connections to British American Tobacco - the most controversial of his outside interests.

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