Wednesday 14 January 2009

Mercer gears up

The first meeting of Patrick Mercer's new Counter Terrorism Sub Committee has been set for Jan 22.

The committee of four MPs will look at how ready the UK is to deal with attacks.

They are lining up Security Minister Lord West and MI5 to give evidence – some of which will no doubt take place behind closed doors.

The Notts MP promised Lobbydog that it would be as open as possible. Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Patrick Mercer, spent some years in the mire of terrorism and perhaps in covert operations and I’m glad that he is the chairman of the counter terrorism sub committee because if ever England needed to fight fire with fire behind closed doors to try to defeat the growing enemy within or guard against the day that "Islam is the future of England" then I say that day is now.

We are not suppose to talk openly about the enemy within but rather bury our heads in the sand pretending that we are all one big happy family with exactly the same goal. I’m not worried about the terrorist from Afghanistan or Iraq but I am greatly concerned about the would-be terrorist already within my country plotting to kill Christian non-believers of their religious beliefs.

Patrick Mercer, is entirely right to say that we need a battalion's worth of 500 highly specialised policemen and soldiers who could be called upon in case of attack, however in view of the magnitude of the potential problem in years to come five battalion's worth of protectors would be more appropriate, the numbers of the enemy within could be many times that better safe than "the River Tiber foaming with much blood"

Regardless of the promise of that MP any talks along those lines will naturally be withheld but the time to deal with that impending problem, and take all our heads out of the sand, is now before it’s all to bloody late.

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