Monday 9 March 2009

£73m in benefits go to dead people every year

Research has shown the Government forks out £73 million in benefits to dead people every year.

My head hurts from all the satire.

If dead people can so stunningly cheat the welfare system, I don't hold out much hope of officials catching many live benefit cheats.

DWP has had to write-off £27 million of the cash, presumably because the dead people put up too much of a fight and wouldn’t give it back. Rigor-mortis does give one a very strong grip.

Oddly I did a story for the Evening Post a couple of years back about the council charging dead people rent.

Imagine, there could be whole tower blocks of rotting bodies up there - getting housing benefit paid into an account and then paying rent direct debit from the same account.

Whole banks are probably being kept afloat through the transactions of dead people.


Andy said...

How long before Purnel comes up with some dodgy back to work scheme for them run by Frankenstein Associates?

Lobbydog said...

Indeed. They might actually make quite good council officials.

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