Saturday 14 March 2009


Ken Clarke has mischievously ridiculed Labour’s junior business ministers.

As a peer Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is unable to face Clarke in the Commons – leaving Pat McFadden (right) and Ian Pearson to face up to the Tory big beast.

But Clarke, with years of debating experience, has so far come out on top of his clashes with Mandelson’s underlings.

The shadow business secretary told Lobbydog: “They have no political clout – they are not the real source of authority in their department.

“If Mandelson would have come back as an MP he certainly would have strengthened Labour’s front bench in the Commons – he is a better advocate.

“But no-one would put [McFadden and Pearson] forward as advocates particularly, because neither of them are heavy-weights.”

Rushcliffe MP Clarke added: “They are rather obscure ministers.”

He explained that he liked and had respect for “Peter”.

But the jibes will be seen as a direct challenge to Mandelson who has so far shrugged off the idea of a televised debate between him and Clarke.

“I’m making it clear that I would want to appear on television with [Lord Mandelson],” said Clarke.

“I’ve made that clear to the television companies – my guess is that those companies would love to put us together for a debate.

“But he won’t go on TV.”


Oldrightie said...

I consider all of Labour an easy target given the mess they've caused. Government and Labour do not go together.

McGonagall said...

Mandelson - an unelected pal of Russian oligarchs and corporate profiteers. A man who has been given vast power by a failed Prime Minister, but who is at heart a coward. The man's despicable.

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