Monday 16 March 2009

Vaz takes legal action against Daily Mail

The MP for Leicester East has announced he's taking legal action over stories printed in the Daily Mail recently.

They regard a letter he reportedly wrote to the High Court about a case involving lawyer Shahrokh Mireskandari.

Vaz said: "The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has considered all the allegations published in the Daily Mail, which were originally published in September 2008.

"He dismissed all the allegations in full. He informed me in January 2009.

"There are currently defamation proceedings ongoing against the Mail.

"I have in respect of this matter had a longstanding interest in dealing with allegations of racism in the SRA and will continue to pursue them."

How do we think this will go?


an ex-apprentice said...

The lawyer acting for Vazeline wouldn't be Shahrokh Mireskandari, by any chance?

Oldrightie said...

How do we think this will go?

Quietly pushed aside.

subrosa said...

Much depends on how the Mail wants to play it Oldrightie doesn't it? They've been very open about race clashes recently so I think they've a good defence.

Then again, who will be the judge? That's another issue I expect.

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