Thursday, 19 March 2009

Livingstone: Brown is tighter than Stalin

Ken Livingstone sounds off against the PM in an interview to be published tomorrow.

Both Labour and the Tories are big on devolving power, but Livingstone says neither really want it or will deliver it. He tells Total Politics:

97 % of all tax collected in Britain is collected by Gordon Brown. When I told the Mayor of Moscow that he said: “That’s worse than Russia under Stalin”.

From the moment Thatcher got power everything was sucked up to the centre and it got worse under Blair and Brown.

He continues: I think [Cameron] has already made the fatal mistake which will sink his government. He’s not really going to devolve power away from Whitehall.

He’s already told local government there will be no great change or shift in power.

He’ll try to run all the schools from the centre. When they talk about localism it’s a sham. Neither this government, nor a Cameron one will empower people.

Labour’s real mistake was to micro-manage everything and try to run everything from the centre. Nowhere else in the world does this work.


an ex-apprentice said...

All good honest stuff, Mr Dog. In the same interview he also said Lee Jasper was an upstanding citizen who hadn't robbed Londoners blind to line his own thieving pockets.

I believe every word of it.

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