Tuesday 17 March 2009

Brown sets out stall

I almost didn’t notice the picture alongside the Gordon Brown article in the Guardian today.

On a black background sits the PM’s floating head, sporting a zen-like expression – his right hand, also floating, is waving a philosophical gesture.

When I finally took it in any deep contemplation of the issues was replaced with the thought… “that’s a bit odd, isn’t it?”

Unfortunately it’s something that happens quite often when listening to the PM for too long.

The whole experience detracted from what was a significant piece of news.

Addressing the ‘apology debate’ Brown says he takes full responsibility for his actions – as much as anyone could hope for from a serving PM.

Unfortunately it comes a few days after Cameron’s “we could’ve done better” comments, so it feels a little tardy.

More significant was the dividing line Brown draws between him and the Tories.

“People on the centre-left and the progressive agenda should be confident enough to say that the old idea that markets were by definition efficient and could work things out themselves is gone.”

The clearer Brown is about his position the greater the pressure on the Tories to be clear about their’s – but coming out in favour of freer markets is a difficult challenge for Cameron.

If the economy gets much worse, of course, all of this will be immaterial as people vote to dump the incumbent.

But edgy Labour MPs who told Lobbydog they want clear ideological chatter from the PM will be happier today.


subrosa said...

I see what you're saying LD :(

Oldrightie said...

clear ideological chatter from the PM

An oxymoron if ever there was one.

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