Thursday, 19 March 2009

Whip slags off lazy MPs

I know the Chief Whip is meant to be a hard-arse, but I would've thought he'd draw the line at slagging off his own MPs.

Nick Brown told a room full of lobby correspondents earlier that some Labour members suffered from "idleness".

“What impresses me is just how hard some people are working. They wouldn’t have to work quite so hard if one or two of them did a little bit more.”

Apparently a new system may get brought in to push lazy members to attend statutory committee meetings.

Lobbydog has attended such committees and can understand why an MP would want to give them a wide berth.

But then again, Lobbydog isn’t paid tax-payers' money to be there.


an ex-apprentice said...

Look, Mr Dog, all this salacious innuendo has to stop. "Hard arses" and "lazy members" indeed! Are you trying for a job on the Daily Sport?

By the way, photos of Nick Brown should be saved for after the watershed.

Catosays said...

Hard Arse is surely a very apt description for Nick Brown.

Oldrightie said...

Snotty considers him very soft! Bit like a railway tunnel, apparently!

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