Monday 27 April 2009

EU Treaty campaign

David Cameron is launching a campaign which aims to force a referendum on the EU treaty in a couple of hours.

It will play well with some supporters, but If you ask me they should keep it more low key than they are.

The Tories have got a pretty clear message on the economy at the moment and it’s hitting home.

Why not score as many points as possible on that issue before aiming fire elsewhere? Particularly on a target which points to Tory divisions.


Richard T said...

A cynic might think that this a diversionary tactic since they have nothing specific to say on the substantive issue of the economy and more what precisely will they cut. I heard little Willie blethering last night - he seems to have grasped that you can't talk about cuts withut having some idea beyond ID cards what you would do and was struggling not to admit it.

subrosa said...

A good observation LD. Wasn't impressed here with the tories efforts recently. Many look like a bunch of schoolboys, particularly Osborne.

Oldrightie said...

Wish I still did, Subrosa. As for not being impressed. I suppose we are all in thrall to the present Government, so nothing can look remotely impressive by comparison?

Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Also an interesting indication here of how people fall for the spinspeak fed them.


an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Dog,

"It will play well with some supporters,"

You think so? Which ones?

Those brainless, spineless cowards, the followers of the flock, who want to huddle together in the EU for warmth and shelter, and who lack the self-confidence to believe that their own nation is capable of standing on it's own feet and making it's own way in the world?

Or perhaps those foolish enough to think, in a splendidly heroic piece of self-delusion, that "We will not leave it there" actually means something?

This piece of cheap, triangulated, opportunistic spin is Cameron following the example of The Great Ruiner in treating us all like fools, just at the very moment when the people have, at long last, begun to demand truth, conviction and real leadership in those who claim the honour of being our representatives.

"In Europe, but not run by Europe" is an oxymoron evidenced by 30+ years of bitter experience. We are either in, for the full federalist super-state experience, or we're out. It's about time Cameron made his mind up and got off that fence.

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