Thursday, 30 April 2009

You know who you are love cheats

Most of the time cheating lovers get caught by lipstick on a collar or a suspect text message.

Really the careful cheat should be able to cover his/her (yes ladies, you cheat too) tracks for those things.

But imagine an unstopable crusade to out you - led by determined camapaigners, whipped up by sneaky hacks and band-wagon riding politicians and driven by huge public anger.

I bet those three Labour MPs who are said to fear that disclosure of their expenses receipts will reveal their adultery didn't think of that.

I also bet that when they found what was going to happen they did think of a four letter word.


subrosa said...

Oh LD, do tell who they are. Nobody's listening ...

Lobbydog said...

I was tempted to do a post asking people to speculate who they were. But that kind of thing can get you into legal hot water. You'll have to wait Subrosa I'm afraid. If any MPs have a break down between now and the summer, when the receipts come out, you'll know why.

Plato said...

What I thought was odd was the odd number of MPs having affairs with each other.

Menage a trois?

Lobbydog said...

That would be the Lib Dems though.

subrosa said...

Oh LD in no way would I expect you to put your career on the line but I shall certainly keep my eyes out (plus the one superb one on the back of my head).

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