Tuesday 16 June 2009

Expenses inquiry

It is a little publicised fact that the inquiry into MPs' expenses starts today.

So much for transparency and public engagement – they should’ve been shouting about today's hearing of Christopher Kelly's committee from the roof tops.

The hall which has been booked is apparently very large, let's hope it’s not too late to fill it.

The hearing starts at 10am at the Emmanuel Centre, in Marsham Street, Westminster.

Today is important because we'll get an idea of just how penetrating and just how determined this inquiry is really going to be.

Harriet Harman and Alan Duncan are among those giving evidence.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... is that 2 hearings Harman has to attend today then? I'm sure (this morning) radio 2 reported that Harriet Harman was to give evidence at the war enquiry today?

War enquiry being done, all in secret of course...

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