Tuesday 16 June 2009

Labour cuts to school capital spending?

A couple of days after Building Schools for the Future (BSF) was slammed by the Public Accounts Committee, Ed Balls has raised the prospect of the project being further delayed.

BSF is the Government’s plan to rebuild every upper school and was meant to be complete by 2020.

That completion date was pushed back to 2023 as a result, the committee said, of “over optimistic” and “poor planning”.

But speaking to Lobbydog today Ed Balls refused to commit the Government to the 2023 deadline.

He said: “We are working very hard to make sure BSF stays on track. Now, obviously the pace at which we can move to that goal depends on the funds that are available to us.”

He added that the “state of the economy” over the next few years and what happened with unemployment and debt interest would “very substantially affect” how much money BSF might get.

Is that Labour speak for a possible spending cut?

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Anonymous said...

Labour are so full of s*** on the tax cuts thing. Why can't they just admit that they'll need to do it, to everyone knows it.

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