Monday 13 July 2009

Eco-towns finale

John Healey will set out the Government’s plans for eco-towns on Thursday – my bet is there will be some long grass involved.

The eco-towns programme was the Government’s flagship proposal to build new eco-friendly settlements around the UK.

There are 11 potential sites of which up to ten may make it on to the final shortlist. Over the years the idea that there would be ten has gone from being a plan to being an “aspiration”.

A couple of the potential sites have not met any opposition locally in which case you’d imagine they’ll get the go ahead.

But many, like the one in Leicestershire for example, have proved highly unpopular and been opposed by local MPs of all colours.

What are the bets the beef of the decision will be put off until after the election?

Either way, if ten sites aren’t confirmed it’s going to look like backing down. If it’s as few as two or three then it’s another U-turn.


Oldrightie said...

They need every vote they can get. There will be a plethora of bribes before the elction all with zero credibility.

Jive5 said...

I was going to say the U-turn line in this was a bit harsh on the Government. I even looked back to find some old speeches to show the "ten" figure was never that strong. But, er, I couldn't really find a good quote. I will say though that eco-towns in theory are a great idea - they've just gone about it in the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Look, the Leicester site is a done deal. It is owned by the Co op, the Co Op bank is owed shed loads by the labour party which has no realistic prospect of making any conventional repayments.

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