Tuesday 14 July 2009

Second time lucky for whips?

Labour whips will be trying hard to get it right today as the Government attempts to undo an embarrassing Commons defeat from last month.

They had planned to hold the first meeting of the East Midlands Grand Committee – comprised of every MP in the region – in Nottingham on September 9.

But Labour hadn’t consulted with opposition parties over the date and when it came to a Commons vote to approve it there weren’t enough red MPs in the chamber.

The motion was defeated by 104 votes to 98 – prompting jubilant cheers from Tories and Liberal Democrats and calls of "what a shambles".

Labour will try and approve the meeting for exactly the same date again this evening


IanVisits said...

I am more curious as to why agreeing a date for a meeting requires a vote in the House of Commons.

Can't they just get out their diaries and sort it out in private?

Anonymous said...

MPs love their whips, dirty stop outs.

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