Friday, 24 July 2009

Playing politics with health...

Dr John Grenville, of the Derbyshire Local Medical Committee, made the following comments when I chatted to him about the Government's handling of the swine flu pandemic.

Doctors, he said, are arguing that not everyone should be getting Tamiflu, but the feeling is politicians will be too scared to tell the elctorate that.

“There is a feeling amongst clinicians that advice is going to the politicians and then decisions are being taken on a mixture of clinical advice, plus what the politician thinks is politically good or bad.

“The politicians would say it’s their job to judge the mood of the public and to take decisions based on that – but we are now confronted with a situation where politicians should lead not follow public opinion.

“They need to be standing up being counted and prepared to take tough decisions if they are the right ones based on clinical judgement.”

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