Wednesday 1 July 2009

Tessa Jowell's face is a picture

Immediately after PMQs 25 to 30 hacks surrounded Michael Ellam, Brown’s spokesman, and harangued him over what – in the name of jumping jehosifa – a 0% rise is.

The likes of the Spectator’s Fraser Nelson, the FT’s George Parker and the Sun’s George Pasco Watson – who were leading the interrogation – looked astonished as Ellam attempted to explain that a 0% rise was indeed a rise.

The weird claim, along with Brown’s equally bizarre statement that Tory policy was to increase unemployment, made this a particularly desperate performance for the PM.

Hat tip to Crown Blog, speedy as ever.


Catosays said...

Even Bercow was taking the piss out of him.

The Oncoming Storm said...

"The Prime Minister's answer must be heard!"

Best thing Bercow's ever said!

Look at Harriet's face at 0:14, her lip curls as she realizes what a clanger Gordon's dropped!

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