Friday 14 August 2009

Nipping Hannan in bud

On ConservativeHome last night the faithful were debating whether Dan Hannan’s views on the NHS mattered.

Hannan had criticised the NHS on American TV – in the States at the moment, with Obama attempting to reform their healthcare system, the service is becoming a political football.

Hannan’s views don’t matter, but the publicity they’re getting does to Cameron’s agenda.

It would be a blow for the Tory leader if the belief that the Tories wanted to dismantle the NHS somehow took root.

That’s why this morning he sent an email round the Lobby saying:

“…we as a party are so committed not just to the principles behind the NHS, but to doing all we can to improve the way it works in practice. So yes, we will spend more on the NHS, but we will also improve it…”

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