Tuesday 18 August 2009

The REAL power behind Mandy

This morning Lobbydog received a note from Lord Biro, of the Church of The Militant Elvis Party.

Attached was a copy of a letter the Lord had received from Peter Mandelson in 1997, in which Mandy thanked him for his advice and campaigning ideas.

Mandy wrote to Biro: "I will certainly bear them in mind when drawing up General Election campaigning plans.”

And what was this advice? – To wear a pair of suede shoes in order to appeal to the proletariat of course.

After Mandy was pictured last week wearing his smooth shoes Biro said: “At last he has taken my advice in order to regain their vote in 2010.”

I guess that really does mean they’re running out of ideas.


Oldrightie said...

Mandy's power is the millions of pounds extracted by various means, from the taxpayer.

Plato said...

Michael Gove was wearing brown suede slip ons during his Marr interview last Sunday.

I thought he must be going for the Clarke vote :)

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