Tuesday 29 September 2009

Brown's speech

Brown's speech was better than last year - although I did get a message from a hack colleague halfway through simply saying "vom".

I'll do a bigger post soon.

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World Innovation Foundation Blog said...

The most important issue in Brown's speech should have been the Economy as we all know. In this respect his main thrust was the government's innovation fund.
But where I have to say that the £1 billion innovation fund will do nothing for the economy and Britains' future. The reason, both Blair and Brown’s government were advised between 1997 and 1998 by many of the world's leading scientists, engineers and technologists to build a 'science city' to provide for the UK's future but where they completely ignored their world leading advice. Another reason is that the government's innovation unit has people who do not understand the dynamics of innovation, have not the knowledge or skills to pick winning new technologies and cannot see the woods for the trees. We know as we dealt with them for two years and where career senior civil servants have not a clue about innovation. Indeed, the £1 billion fund will go the same way as the £15 billion spent by the regional development agencies over the past 7-years and where they have created nothing according to independent analysis. This study determined that they should be scrapped as it was a complete waste of money. The reason again, they have not the right people running the show who are competent in creating new industrial bases. So folks, don't put all your faith in this innovation fund as it will totally fail the British people as all others have done over the past 12 years. The 'old boy' network is still working well and where even a Linguist can still run such a fund as in the case of the NESTA if people investigate - the pre-runner that heralded so much in 1998 but created nothing of any real substance.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation

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