Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Health Minister Ben Bradshaw on hospital car parking charges: "We don't think it makes sense to spend money that's currently being spent on patient care - getting people treated faster and better - on subsidising car parks."

Health Secretary Andy Burnham on abolishing hospital car parking charges: "When you come into hospital it affects the patient experience if people can’t come in every day to visit because they can’t afford the charges.

"If you have friends and family around in hospital it helps you recover – this is about making the NHS more patient focussed."


Ed said...

Although there is no point having a free carpark if:
a) It diverts money away from frontline services and treatments
b) If it gets used as a free car park for other uses - given that most hospitals are in the centre of towns or near train stations.

subrosa said...

We have free car parking in all but 3 hospitals these days. The Scottish government have to wait until the contracts expire before they can do anything about that but at least they've beaten down National Car Parks to a sensible fee rather than the extortionate one of old.

Many hospitals in Scotland are not in the centre of cities but built on the outskirts. Dundee Ninewells is one.

Anonymous said...

This will have zero effect at my local hospital (Arrowe Park, Upton, Wirral), not in the town centre, or near to a rail station, because there simply is not enough parking space for staff AND patients. A visitor? You're screwed.

There are permanent road signs on the local roads - No visitor parking space at Arrowe Park Hospital - with directions to a wholly inadequate park and ride scheme at the supermarket over half a mile away (too bad if, at busy times, their car park is full).

And you can count the disabled parking spaces at the hospital on your fingers and have a few left over.

Free parking will bring no improvement, and will arguably make matters worse.

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