Tuesday 24 November 2009

Inquisitive minds

A glance at the names down to question the Health Secretary today presented a worrying picture for Labour.

Given that health is a key election battle-ground, particularly when members can ask about the services in their local area, you would think Labour MPs would be queuing up to take part.

But out of 25 names on the question list just five were Labour MPs.

In the absence of any real zeal to get involved you would think the party machine might kick-in, require people to partake in debates and score points off the opposition.

But one Labour MP LD spoke with sighed and said there was a lack of any kind of organisation, when it came to party heads speaking to the troops.


Anonymous said...

If ur looking at the order paper, isnt that just drawn at random?

Lobbydog said...

...yes, but drawn from people that have put their names forward for questions. Given there are many more Labour MPs in the Commons than there are from other parties, it would be unusual to get this sort of imbalance, unless fewer Labour MPs were putting their name into the hat.

Oldrightie said...

Labour MPs are busy lobbying for new jobs.

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