Monday 25 January 2010

A little more on Hoon....

After the Evening Post broke the story of local Labour party members in Ashfield plotting to unseat Geoff Hoon, LD has learnt a little more.

Hoon, I’m told, would stand aside if he could find a suitable role for himself outside Parliament.

Only last week he was said to be a candidate to replace Lord Mawhinney as executive chairman of The Football League.

But I’m also told that if Hoon remains in his seat without finding another role, it is likely he’ll want to fight attempts to dump him.

Personally I’m still not sure there would be enough support for an attempt to get rid of him in Ashfield.

I say this only because many people are angry with him after his actions to overthrow Brown made the party look as if it were squabbling amongst itself.

An embarrassing battle now to get rid of a former cabinet minister who doesn’t want to be unseated would do exactly the same thing.

Many local supporters are just hoping that he does the decent thing and stands down quietly. Thought they’re not holding their breath.


subrosa said...

Who'd have thought it - an ex cabinet minister can't get a job in the real world.

Of course the job will require to have a six figured salary - perhaps that's his problem. He's not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Do the decent thing...? An ex-cabinet memeber? Don't make me laugh. He'll do what's best for him.

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