Wednesday 24 February 2010

Now we'll see how green Dave really is...

Labour rebels narrowly missed out on their plan to stick it to the big power companies in the Commons just now.

They had wanted to get an amendment added to the Energy Bill that would give ministers powers to cap carbon emissions coming from power stations.

Labour rebels joined with the Tories and Lib Dems to get it through – but they lost by eight votes, 244 to 252.

The Tories still have a chance to get the amendment added to the Bill in the Lords though, using their ability to hold up the legislative process as a bargaining chip.

The Tories would basically say ‘let this amendment through on the Bill, or we’ll hold up all of your legislation so that you can’t get any of it through before the election’.

The question is – do the Tories, who undoubtedly have strong big business links, really have the will to strike a legislative blow to the power companies for the sake of the environment.

Dave’s eco-credentials are now really on the spot.


Plato said...

Nope - those Tories are smart - climate change's carbon credit scheme is a scam dreamt up by Enron.

It sounds bizarre - but it's true.

Google it.

And given the fiasco of the IPCC's supposed impeccable science, it's based on bugger all too.

Check out www.whatsupwiththat.com as a starting point.

Anonymous said...

This was a genuine attempt to get the power companies to do something to mitigate the continued use of coal for electricity generation.

Full marks to local MP's such as Alan Simpson and Nick Palmer for supporting it.

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