Thursday 25 February 2010

Brown's Shortlist interview...

Not so sure today's interview in Shortlist magazine will make the waves last week's did.

It was recess when David Cameron's interview was printed so hacks were scrabbling about for something to write.

Lily Allen's inappropriate lyrics and Dave’s love of darts were spread all over the nationals the following day.

To be honest, even if we were still in recess, I'm not sure the follow up interview with the PM today would be reported further.

In one slightly interesting part, however, discussing Fabio Cappello's decision over John Terry the PM says he faces similar challenges.

"I think maybe Fabio Cappello would sympathise with me. Bill Shankly when he was manager of Liverpool said 'I don't drop people, I just make changes'. There is something in that. You've got to make decisions that are best for the team."

So there you go Alistair Darling – he wasn't dropping you, he just thought he was getting rid of you for the good of the country.

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