Monday 8 March 2010

Ashfield Labour shortlist announced

The shortlist of three women hoping to become Labour’s candidate to fight Geoff Hoon’s Ashfield seat at the election has been announced.

We already know about Gloria De Piero, the former GMTV presenter who some local Labour members feared was being levered into the seat by the national party.

The shortlist also includes Pam Tatlow, who has stood for Labour before, though not since 1992 when she came third in Cheltenham I believe. She’s now the chief exec of a university related think tank.

Faye Abbott is the third candidate. She’s a party member from Coventry who is yet to fight an election, though she has been a council candidate in her home city.

Given her lack of experience it’s unlikely Abbott would win the candidacy. Tatlow has been around longer, but you can’t help but think this is a list in which De Piero stands out.

She is inexperienced as a politician too. But the biggest criticism against her, that she is not local, is cancelled out because neither are the other two.

The question is whether Ashfield Labour members who feel they have been stitched up, will be angry enough to punish the party at the ballot box and vote Lib Dem.

The UK’s third party is seen as the greatest threat to Labour in Ashfield and is fielding a vocal, born and bred local man who sits on the council.


Anonymous said...

De Piero doesn't stand out except for her physical attributes. She is no more welcome now as she was before the list was announced. Whoever wins the nomination will lose in the General Election. The Tories will romp home. Geoff has really stitched us up as did his pal Blair. Both were Tories stooges.

Anonymous said...

Ashfield needs a Labour MP. De Piero should hang her head in shame to be part of this list. If she gets through and has any moral code she should stand for reselection after this election (if she wins it).


Houdini said...

Ashfield needs a Labour MP?

Typical shite from a supporter of a shite party. Go back to whining about the hard done to miners and leave the serious stuff to adults.

What has Labour EVER done for Ashfield?

Lord Monteagle said...

Is the Lib Dem candidate really 'born and bred?' He would have been favourite to beat Hoon and may well beat an non local labour candidate. Politics Home earlier prediction of a conservative gain are immensely unlikely - whatever the swing

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