Wednesday 10 March 2010

People that disagree with the DNA database are crims...

This new campaign video shown at Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s press conference on crime yesterday left me livid.

It actually seems to suggest that only criminals would disagree with the DNA database – the one that holds data on 850,000 innocent people.

“Do we honestly need a whole database just so the police can see if someone’s dandruff matches their cigarette butt,” says the thief in the video, as if it were the best argument that opponents of the database have come up with.

It certainly was not the argument that convinced the European Court of Human Rights to rule that the kind of DNA database the Government was creating was "a disproportionate interference" in people's lives and that it couldn't be "regarded as necessary in a democratic society”.


Anonymous said...

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

Can someone translate that into German for me.

Pure Fekin PROPAGANDA and very nasty too.

Anonymous said...

Even Sir Alec Jeffreys the inventor of DNA fingerprinter says the system can go wrong.

I was wrongly arrested and my DNA taken.

I am sure I was only arrested to have my DNA taken.

I live in fear that I could be wrongly arrested yet again in this Police State on the basis of tampered DNA.

Anonymous said...

The criminals here are Jacqui Smith and subsequently Alan Johnson who deliberately choose to ignore the European Court of Human Rights, and act in direct contravention of the Law.

Jdynqq said...

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