Monday 22 March 2010

Hoon sits on LD's sofa...

LD spoke to Geoff Hoon earlier. He went into a bit of detail about how he’d been duped by an undercover reporter behind the lobbying scandal.

“I received a perfectly straight forward e-mail from what appeared to be a straight forward US company asking whether I’d like to have what they described as an informal chat.

“They had a website that checked out and they had an address and telephone numbers in London that, when called, were answered by professional people.”

When asked about the comment he made to the undercover reporter about wanting to turn his contacts and knowledge into something that “frankly” made money, he said:

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have put it that way. But please bear in mind that we were having private conversations and she was pushing me hard about what I might do for the private sector.”

There was more, but to read it all you’ll have to wait till the full story is published in the Evening Post tomorrow morning. I’ll tweet link.


Silent Hunter said...


It all sounds so innocent when you put it like that Geoff.

Anonymous said...

So when this young woman pushed you hard you just let it out, all accidental like, that you'd do anything that would make extra money on top of your generous salary?

Have I got that right Geoff?

It's terrible what the nasty press will do to poor inexperienced people like you. Weren't you some sort of War minister chappie once upon a time? Didn't you used to be halfway well known.


Anonymous said...

And to think that he supported the winning candidate to succeed him in Ashfield. Interesting!

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